Casa Entre Tapiales住宅,西班牙卡斯蒂利亚,EstudioJesúsDonaire

在马拉贡镇,西班牙建筑公司Estudio Jesus Donaire改造了一个农业用地,设计了一个直线型的混凝土住宅,坐落在传统建筑的尖顶墙之间,这些尖顶墙环绕着这片土地。
在herren70年的历史中,这片土地上种满了谷物。如今,随着290平方米的住宅“Casa Entre Tapiales”的落成,这片土地重新焕发了活力。简单的建筑已经用混凝土完成,大玻璃窗打开社交区域,通向带有游泳池的露台;私人区域、卧室和浴室都位于住宅的中心。原来夯土墙经过深思熟虑的修复,仍然是住宅的特色;它们的纹理和颜色给原本单调的场地带来了温暖。住宅的北侧贴上了白色瓷砖,它们的反光质量旨在增强tapial wall的存在感,同时抵消了强烈的阳光的影响。

In the town of Malagón, Spanish architecture firm Estudio Jesús Donaire has transformed an agricultural lot, designing a rectilinear concrete home that sits buttressed between the traditionally built tapial walls that edge the parcel of land.
After seventy years as herreñal—a piece of land in which grain is sown—the site has been thoroughly reinvigorated with the addition of a 290-square-meter home, titled ‘Casa Entre Tapiales’. The simple construction has been completed in concrete, with large glass windows opening the social areas onto the patio with a pool; and the private areas, bedrooms and bathrooms, are sheltered at the center of the home. The original rammed earth walls have been thoughtfully repaired and remain a feature of the home; their texture and color bringing warmth to the otherwise monochromatic site. White tiles have been affixed to the north side of the property, their reflective quality designed to enhance the presence of the tapial walls, whilst offsetting the effect of intense sunlight.

Design: Estudio Jesús Donaire
Project: Casa Entre Tapiales
Photography: © Javier Callejas