Residence in Taipei住宅,中国台北,CASE-REAL

Residence in Taipei位于台湾台北,由CASE-REAL设计。空间融合了日本禅宗的感觉和斯堪的纳维亚的极简主义。天然木制家具和口音创造了温暖的氛围,辅以盆景植物分散在各地。Pierre Jeanneret的躺椅和长凳进一步体现了侘寂的室内简洁。

Residence in Taipei is a minimal interior located in Taipei, Taiwan, designed by CASE-REAL. The space embraces Japanese zen sensibilities matched with Scandinavian minimalism. Natural wood furniture and accents create a warm atmosphere complemented by bonsai plants dispersed throughout. Pierre Jeanneret lounge chairs and bench further the wabi sabi simplicity of the interior.

Photograph: Daisuke Shima