Riec sur Belon 活动场地 ,法国, Guinée et Potin Architects


The old presbytery In Riec-sur-Belon is intended to accommodate the cultural and associative pole. The plot dedicated to the operation presents a unique situation: an existing heritage building (a former presbytery) surrounded by a stone wall and an old orchard. The cultural hall and the associative premises are part of a comprehensive approach aimed at strengthening links between the village, around the market, the church, and the town hall.


The choice of this site makes us realize the importance of a new building that would enhance the image of the city center. This equipment should bring together multiple places with an associative and cultural vocation, offering easy and warm access to everyone.

该方案的复杂性超出了一个简单的舞厅:一个可容纳200人坐着或320人站着的伸缩层的房间,两层有独立通道的社团活动室,一个 “大型休息室”,一个酒吧,以及位于老长老会底层的办公室,储藏室和住宿区。

The complexity of the program goes beyond a simple ballroom: a room with a telescopic tier for 200 people seated or 320 standing, association rooms on two levels with independent access, a «large lounge», a bar, and an office on the ground floor of the old presbytery, storage rooms, and lodges.

所用的材料和形状是为一种当代的自由裁量权服务的:节庆室 “全部用木头打扮”(框架,框架,包层和内部包层),用原始胶合板包裹,设计得像一个美丽的飞机库。 由垂直的节奏排序;直到人们进入小区,它才完全出现。

The materials and shapes used are at the service of a form of contemporary discretion: the festive room is «all dressed in wood» (frame, frame, cladding, and interior cladding), wrapped in raw plywood, designed like a beautiful hangar. sequenced by a vertical rhythm; It does not appear fully until one enters the plot.

Architects: Guinée et Potin Architects
Area: 900 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Stéphane Chalmeau
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Technal, Rolpin THRT
Engineering: CAIRN
Landscape: Guinée*Potin
Design Team:Hervé Potin & Anne-Flore Guinée, leading architects, Lia Wild, project leader
Clients:Mairie de Riec sur Belon


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