RNS公寓,以色列特拉维夫-亚福, WE Architects


Tel Aviv is famous for its ubiquitous Bauhaus-style buildings which were designed in the interwar period by German-Jewish architects fleeing prosecution. While the city’s architectural heritage is certainly a great asset, it also poses questions of preservation and modernization due to the advanced age of building stock and the often parochial interior layouts. This 1930s thoughtfully renovated apartment in the heart of Tel Aviv tackles both issues head on. Having to deal with a compact size in addition to its neglected state and awkward configuration, local practice WE Architects boldly rejigged the space into a contemporary apartment of effortless sophistication without most crucially effacing its modernist sensibility and nostalgic charm.

Design:WE Architects
Photography:Itay Benit
Area (sqm):60