Rocksplit 之家,希腊,Cometa Architects


The steep ground and the plot’s narrow dimensions determine the pronounced and gradient form of the building which rises from the mountain and over the valley of Poisses, to finally balance itself with the surrounding traditional dwellings and the natural context.

一个四口之家的次要住所,通过3个体量展开,可以清楚地定义为座位和厨房体量、流通塔和睡眠及储藏体量。 选择的主要材料是当地开采的石头,在水平的微水泥表面上精心制作。

The secondary home of a family of four, spreads through 3 volumes which clearly can defined as the seating & kitchen volume, the circulation tower and the sleeping & storaging volume. The principal material chosen is the locally quarried stone, carefully crafted against the horizontal micro-cement surfaces.

基克拉迪景观的经验是设计的主要关注点,通过建筑的空间演变和与壮观的土地的关系来表达。 这是通过被称为 “kotounto “的传统建筑方法来实现的,在岩石和建筑之间有一个干燥、无湿气的空间。通过这种方式,外部空间,一个连续的周边 “kotoundo “使建筑有时试图脱离岩石,有时又与它和解。

The experience of the Cycladic landscape is the design’s main concern expressed through the spatial evolution and relationship of the building with the dramatic land. This is achieved through the traditional method of construction called “kotounto”, a dry, humid-free space between the rock and the building. In such a way, the external spaces, a continuous perimetrical ‘kotoundo’ makes the building sometimes trying to break away from the rock and sometimes to reconcile with it.

除了这种传统的技术,它主要是用来排出来自山上的水,使墙壁和地基保持干燥,房子的设计包括一个地板下的加热装置,由安装在屋顶的太阳能加热器产生。 冷却是通过交叉通风实现的,同时还提供了一个额外的地板下冷却。 最后,雨水被收集在3个屋顶上,并储存在一个地下水库中。

Apart from this traditional tecnique of which is principlally used to drain the waters coming from the mountains, leaving walls and foundations dry, the house includes in its design an under-floor heating installation which is generated by the solar heaters installed in the roof. The cooling is achieved from cross ventilation and also an additional under-floor cooling is provided. Finally, the rainwater is collected in the 3 rooftops and stored in an underground reservoir.

Architects: Cometa Architects
Area : 150 m²
Year : 2015
Photographs :Dimitris Kleanthis
Manufacturers : Antrax, BTicino, Ilfannale, Knauf, Multibeton, Plaka, Rovira
Architect Partner In Building License Stage : Betty Tsaousi
Structural Engineer : Vasilios Vakis
Environmental & Mechanical Engineer : Efstratios Komis
Contractor : Nikos Zoulamopoulos
Client : Private
Architects In Charge : Faidra Matziaraki, Victor Gonzalez Marti
Design : Olga Balaoura
Interior Designer : Laura Mascuñan, Denisse Gómez Casco
Environmental Engineer : Efstratios Komis
Mechanical Engineer : Efstratios Komis
City : Kea Kithnos
Country : Greece