Roo-Dar-Roo 之家,伊朗,Gera Studio Architects


Renovation of Roo-Dar-Roo house. The project was a request to renovate a duplex house in an area with an urban fabric consisting of three-story (including lower ground floor) houses with courtyards and pitched roofs having north and south facades. Due to the urban context in the design area, the buildings are stuck together according to the urban planning criteria, but have more connections with the urban body than conventional buildings.

Grea Studio建筑事务所对设计建筑立面的态度是这样的:通过创造一个可理解的三维形式,而不是一个二维的外壳,我们把侧视图(建筑的侧面)变成了主立面,获得了更多展示建筑的空间。在建筑的东北部,恢复现有的露台特征是客户特别优先考虑的问题,因为由于邻居的贵族化和靠近街道以及空间质量差,它已经失去了功能。

Grea Studio Architects attitude towards designing the facade of the building was such that by creating a comprehensible three-dimensional form instead of a two-dimensional shell, we turned the side views (sides of the building) into the main facade and gained more space to present the building. In the northeast of the building, the restoration of the existing terrace character was a special priority for the customer because it had lost its function due to the aristocracy of the neighbors and the proximity to the street and the poor spatial quality.


The design response was that we created a semi-enclosed terrace with the ability to adjust the connection and opening with the outside space and generalized this idea to the general form of the north facade of the building. Thus, the building had an outer shell made of white brick and an inner core made of wood. In the southern view, due to the proximity to a park and green space and having a suitable view to it, we created an opening in the view in the area of the living room and increased the area of the southern terrace and the adjacent bathroom and created a more functional connection with the courtyard. The way the building became more introverted in the north and more extroverted in the south.

在建筑的室内设计中,保留了空间的总体结构,但在设计中加入了一些变化 在一楼,根据厨房和客厅的位置设计了入口,并定义了这些空间的视野和通道,客厅的形成是通过创造更大的窗户来与庭院更好地沟通。在一楼,通向厨房、房间和阳台的通道被重新定义,拆除了一些室内墙壁。

In the interior design of the building, the general structure of the spaces was preserved, but changes were included in the design On the ground floor, the entrance was designed according to the placement of the kitchen and the living room and defining the view and access to these spaces, and the living room was formed by creating larger windows to better communicate with the courtyard. On the first floor, access to the kitchen, rooms and terrace was redefined by removing a number of interior walls.

Architects: Gera Studio Architects
Area: 250 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Deed Studio
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, KWC, Kale, Adobe, Lian-co, ODN, Venus glass
Design Associate:Marzieh Mehranfar, Omid Deylami
Electrical Engineer :Ebrahim shamsolahi
Mechanical Engineer :Shahriar Zarini, Ahmad Zarini
Modeling:Amir-Masoud Derikvand
Graphic:Amir-Masoud Derikvand
Client:Mr. Azizi
City:Andisheh New Town


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