Room 403住宅,日本东京,Kiri Architects

403室是位于日本东京的简约内饰,由Kiri Architects设计。该空间的特点是不对称布局,并由用作分隔和存储空间的大型直线形木质空间分隔。三角形的厨房岛提供了充足的柜台空间以及餐饮和休闲座位。通过将厨房划分为柜台高度水平的复式地板进一步分隔了空间

Room 403 is a minimalist interior located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Kiri Architects. The space is characterized by an asymmetrical layout that is segmented by large rectilinear wooden volumes that serve as both partitions and storage. A triangular kitchen island provides abundant counter space as well as seating for dining and leisure. The space is further separated through split-level flooring that demarcate the kitchen to a counter height level.

Design:Kiri Architects
Photography:Kiri Architects