Rounds Theater 亭,美国, SPORTS

Rounds是2016年Ragdale Ring国际设计建造竞赛的获胜设计,也是Adrian Smith奖的获得者。该项目是为Ragdale基金会建造的一个临时剧场亭,该基金会是位于伊利诺伊州森林湖社区的芝加哥以北30英里的艺术家聚居地。

Rounds is the winning design for the 2016 Ragdale Ring international design-build competition and the recipient of the Adrian Smith Prize. The project is a temporary theater pavilion for the Ragdale Foundation, an artist colony 30 miles north of Chicago in the community of Lake Forest, Illinois.

与这种环境中最常见的带状结构和舞台的惯例不同,Rounds建立了一个异想天开和可居住的表演表面。 通过多种表面起伏类型和尺寸,Rounds鼓励表演者与观众的关系、表演类型、舞台安排和座位选择的多样性,产生了一个多功能的户外场地和一个完全包容的体验。

Departing from the convention of the bandshell structure and stage most commonly deployed in this setting, Rounds establishes a whimsical and inhabitable performance surface. Through a multiplicity of surface undulation types and sizes, Rounds encourages a multiplicity of the performer to audience relationships, performance types, stage arrangements, and seating options, generating a versatile outdoor venue and a fully encompassing experience.

环形表面的小规模起伏在表演期间作为观众的休息空间,或者在非表演时间艺术家思考他们的作品。 表面的中等规模的起伏提供了通往环形场地内部空间的入口,同时也提供了较小规模的保护性舞台区域。 最大的起伏是为主舞台区设计的,这个舞台可以被分解成更小的部分,分布在环形广场上,用于几个同时进行的表演。

Small-scale undulations in the ring surface act as a lounge space for viewers during performances, or artists to contemplate their work during non-performance times. Mid-scale undulations in the surface provide entrances to the inner space of the ring, while also providing smaller scale protected stage areas. The largest undulation is designed for the main stage area, a stage that can be broken down into smaller parts and distributed around the ring for several concurrent performances.

Architects: SPORTS
Year : 2016
Photographs :Nick Zukauskas
Landscape Architect : Rosborough Partners
Build Team : Greg Corso, Molly Hunker, Jordan Nelson, Nick Zukauskas, Kevin Lenhart, Preston Welker, Sean Morgan, Dabota Wilcox, Jon Anthony, Monika England, Kokeith Perry, Sarah Beadoin
Engineer : Arup
Exterior Finish : Stuc-O-Flex
City : Lake Forest
Country : United States