Rue du Clos厨房改造,法国巴黎,Aviolat Chaperon Escobar

Rue du Clos酒店的改造项目位于法国巴黎,由Aviolat Chaperon Escobar Architects设计。该空间的焦点是位于双层天花板下方的上层厨房。厨房两侧的大窗户提供充足的自然光线,照亮浅色木质内饰,同时提供周围绿地的视觉通道。厨房柜台从空间的一端延伸到另一端,为烹饪和座位提供足够的空间。

Transformation at Rue du Clos is a minimal renovation located in Paris, France, designed by Aviolat Chaperon Escobar Architects. The focal point of the space is the upper level kitchen that is situated underneath a double-height ceiling. Large windows on both sides of the kitchen provide abundant natural light, illuminating the light wood interior while providing visual access to the surrounding greenery. The kitchen counter extends from one end of the space to the other, providing enough room for both cooking and seating.

Design: Aviolat Chaperon Escobar Architects
Photography:Reto Duriet


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