Salazar社区的农村住房模型,墨西哥,Manuel Cervantes Estudio & Infonavit

由建筑师曼努埃尔·塞万提斯(Manuel Cervantes)领导的墨西哥研究已与Infonavit(国家工人住房协会)合作,在墨西哥州萨拉萨尔社区完成了这所房子的建造,这是一项旨在改善辅助自救能力的研究活动。墨西哥农村地区的住房生产。

The Mexican study led by the architect Manuel Cervantes has worked with Infonavit (Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers) to complete this house in the community of Salazar, State of Mexico, which represents a research exercise for the improvement of the assisted self-production of housing in rural areas of Mexico.
One of the most important points for the proper bioclimatic operation of the house is to optimize the impact of solar radiation and hermetic protection of the house in cold seasons; Starting from this condition, the orientation of the house is always with the inclination of the roof to the south. The program is made up of 3 blocks; the house has a social area, 2 bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen.
Despite the climate, the housing scheme aims to eliminate the limits of the interior with the exterior, generating spaces that can be extended according to the climatic conditions of the moment. This flexibility allows you to take advantage of the entire property by incorporating it into the home experience. In the same way, vegetation plays a fundamental role when the conditions of the property are not ideal; This strategy allows to use the vegetation with a natural block of the solar incidence.

Deign: Manuel Cervantes Estudio & Infonavit
Photography: César Bejar


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