Sangkep是绿色学校的一个多功能活动空间,用于举办演讲和活动,可容纳约300人。IBUKU的建筑师和竹子模型专家I Gusti Ngurah Ketut Putra Wiarsa指出,Sangkep因其结构上的大胆而令人印象深刻。它的拱门跨度很大,同时在视觉上是一个轻型结构。这些拱门的跨度达到15米,有4个支撑点,其结构推理与竹桥相似。4个支撑点之间有19-20米(远处的支撑)和9-10米(近处的支撑)。一个椭圆形的石环接受支撑,也被用作看台。

Sangkep is a multipurpose event space at the Green School, which hosts presentations and events, with a capacity of about 300 people. I Gusti Ngurah Ketut Putra Wiarsa, architect and bamboo model specialist in IBUKU, points out that Sangkep impresses by its structural boldness. Its arches reach large spans, while being a lightweight structure visually. These arches reach a span of 15 meters, with 4 points of support, in a structural reasoning similar to the Bamboo Bridge. Between the 4 support points there are 19-20 meters (distant supports) and 9-10 meters (close supports). An oval stone ring receives the supports, also being used as a grandstand.


To achieve the span and reduce costs, thinner and shorter bamboos were used per section, and tied together, rather than one large pole. With this technique, the arches are constructed using several segments of bamboo, allowing greater ease in reaching the desired curvatures.


From the inside, it is possible to have total contact with the surroundings, since the four faces are completely open. Even so, there is total protection against climatic events such as rains and winds, so common in the region. The tear at the highest point of the cover, with translucent tissue, allows the entrance of abundant zenithal light.
About 20 models were necessary before arriving at the ideal form, and its construction lasted three months.

Architects: IBUKU
Area: 330 m²
Year: 2007