Sardine社区中心,法国, Gayet-Roger Architects

从公共空间和有轨电车站(有轨电车线服务于该地区)可以清楚地识别,沙丁鱼区的房子将被植入一个高度发展的地区。 在新的生态友好的Artigon区和现有的郊区之间。

Clearly identifiable from the public space and the tram stop ( the tram line serves the area), the house of the Sardine district will be implanted in a highly developing area., between the new eco-friendly Artigon district and the existing suburban area.


The program is contained in a wood monolith, deformed to be adapted to street corners respecting the distances imposed by town planning regulations, and to fully benefit from all the views and the panorama. These spaces will be green areas and occupied by units integrating storage for bikes, rubbish bins, street lamps and technical lockers.


The larch boarding curls up onto the roof to enhance the monolithic aspect of the building. The roofing is a flat surface of deformed wood punctuated by a light shaft.


The very compact building is divided into 2 units: activity rooms on one side and technical and circulation zones on the other.

主流通区也将被用作接待和工作区。它通向一个矿物庭院,在那里将举行一年一度著名的 “沙丁鱼”(沙丁鱼街头派对,期间所有居民可以烤制和食用沙丁鱼)。

The main distribution zone will also be used as a reception and work area. It opens onto a mineral courtyard where the annual well-known “sardinade” (sardine street party during which all residents can grill and eat sardines) will take place.


The perforated steel sheet remains apparent inside the rooms. Together with the apparent exposed timber work it will improve the acoustic comfort of the space.

Architects: Gayet-Roger Architects
Area: 210 m²
Year: 2013
photographs: Julien Fernandez


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