Satoduto ,日本, Coil Kazuteru Matumura Architects

野濑町是一个被丰富的自然环境所包围的小镇,位于大阪县的北端,距离大阪市1小时车程,乘坐公共交通1个半小时。该店是一个旧建筑的改造工程,外墙涂成粉红色,计划成为野濑的一个新地标,使用的关键词是 “振兴野濑”、”从野濑输出”、”加强社区”。

Nose-cho is a town surrounded by a wealth of nature, located at the north end of Osaka prefecture, 1 hour drive and 1 and a half hour commute by public transportation from Osaka city. The store was a renovation work of an old building, with a facade painted pink, was planned to be a new landmark in Nose, using the keywords of “revitalizing Nose”, ”Output from Nose”, “Enhanced community”.

店名 “Satoduto “也是日本季节性食物的名称。这个名字起源于店主的谈话,他从事Kado(日本插花)和Sado(日本茶道)。Satoduto是相连的词。”sato”(日语中意为乡村)和 “duto”,来自 “tsutsumu”(意为包裹)。”Duto “也有纪念品的意思,例如饭团,过去用树叶包裹着进行携带。

Satoduto, the store name, is also a name of seasonal Japanese treats. The name originated from conversations by the owner, who practices Kado (Japanese flower arrangement) and Sado (Japanese tea ceremony). Satoduto are connected words: “sato” (meaning country side in Japanese) and “duto”, from “tsutsumu” (meaning wrap). “Duto” also means souvenir, such as rice balls, which used to be wrapped by leaves for carrying.

我们还设计了这个地方的标志,其基础是用furoshiki(用于携带物品的日本布)包裹名字 “Satoduto “的图像。这个标志与提供当地产品/体验的商店服务有关。厨房被布置成与主空间柔和分离,以便灵活地实现多种功能,如画廊、零售店、咖啡馆和工作室。细木家具被设计成一个焦点,通过使用超过100年的橱柜和储物箱,这为空间创造了新的价值。

We also designed the logo of the place, based on an image of wrapping the name, “Satoduto” in furoshiki (Japanese cloth for carrying items). The logo is connected to the service of the store that offers local productions/experiences. The kitchen is laid out to be softly separated from the main space for the flexible in allowing for multiple functions, such as galleries, retails, a café, and workshops. The joinery was designed to be a focal point by using over 100 year old cupboards and storage boxes, which created new value to the space.


The space has 4 gardens and is surrounded by a field. The renovation plan was designed to enjoy the view during all 4 seasons. In the colder winter seasons, the view can be seen from inside, which is cozy and heated by wood fireplace. During the other seasons, you can enjoy the view from outdoors via an accessible patio. The local community was involved in taking part in the designing the space by providing, not only architectural accessories, such as counters, stained-glass, mirrors and frames), but also amenities, such as artworks of ceramic pots and hand paintings.

Nose 提供什么?

What Nose offers:
Coffee (made from a Japanese tea pot), fresh local vegetables, handmade ceramics, clean air and time spent enjoying seasonal views. Not only does Nose offer great local food, but it also offers many experiences. The space is designed to be a window that connects people’s everyday lives to Nose.

Architects: Coil Kazuteru Matumura Architects
Photographs: Yoshiro Masuda, Taryo Etou
Construction: Total Co.Ltd.
Site Area:459.58 Sqm
Building Area:96.65 Sqm
Total Floor Area:171.30 Sqm


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