Sauna Malabar,巴西,Bela Gebara Arquitetura

完全由经过认证的木材组成,这是马拉巴尔农场(Itatiba, SP)正在创建的一系列建筑中的第一个。它们都将遵循同样的建筑方法。

“Test the waters.” Have you ever imagined enjoying a sauna, in the middle of a farm in the outskirts of São Paulo, surrounded by native trees and all in front of a lake?
Completely composed of certified wood, this is the first in a series of buildings being created at the Malabar Farm (Itatiba, SP). They will all follow the same construction method.


To test the waters, we chose to build the sauna first, so the proprietors could start enjoying the site, while the remaining buildings in the complex are constructed.


It sits there suspended, preserving the topography of the natural terrain.
To maximize light capture and provide ample views of the scenery, the roof has been designed with an inverted inclination.
And there’s the result!
Stay tuned for more to come!

Architects: Bela Gebara Arquitetura
Area: 829 ft²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Rodrigo Pacheco
Manufacturers: Kingspan – ISOESTE
Lead Architect: Bela Gebara
Project Team:Arq.Tetê Soubhia
Engineering:Dirceu Romualdo