Scandizzo住宅,澳大利亚墨尔本,Pete Kennon

由墨尔本工作室Kennon +的建筑师Pete Kennon为一个年轻的五口之家设计,这座四居室的房屋无缝地将古朴的维多利亚式小屋与极简主义和形式主义严谨的现代,混凝土延伸完美结合。与主人,屡获殊荣的美发师乔伊·斯坎佐佐(Joey Scandizzo)和他的妻子,电视名人简·斯坎佐佐(Jane Scandizzo)紧密合作开发的这栋房子是对夫妇的生活方式和敏感性的直接建筑反应,反映出 Kennon对建筑,记忆和身份之间关系的探索。

Designed by architect Pete Kennon of Melbourne-based studio Kennon+ for a young family of five, this four bedroom home seamlessly combines a quaint Victorian cottage with a modern, concrete extension of minimalist grace and formalist rigour. Developed in close collaboration with its owners, award-winning hairdresser Joey Scandizzo and his wife, TV personality Jane Scandizzo, the house is a direct architectural response to the couple’s lifestyle and sensibilities, reflecting Kennon’s exploration of the relationship between architecture, memory and identity.
While the meticulously refurbished Victorian building is characterised by period embellishment – on the outside, the weatherboard clad façade is adorned by ornamental cast iron lacework, with ornate marble mantelpieces, plaster cornices and ceiling roses inside – the in-situ cast concrete extension is a paradigm of minimalist design. The concrete structure imbues the extension with a sense of robustness conveying permanence and stability, but at the same time, its elemental, arched-box shape delineates the archetypal form of a house evoking a feeling of homeliness. What’s more, the repeated gabled shape echoes the architectural heritage of the original house, harmoniously blending old and new despite the stylistic differences.

Design: Pete Kennon
Photography: Derek Swalwell
Photoshoot styling: Room on Fire