Scenario 之家,英国,Scenario Architecture

这所房子是一个成为我们自己客户的机会。我们买下它的目的是为了完全翻新、扩展和适应我们自己家庭生活的场景。它为我们提供了一个机会,使我们能够 “言出必行”,充分表达我们的想法,并创造出一个场景化的房子。

This house was a chance to be our own clients. It was purchased with the intention of completely renovating, extending and adapting it to the scenarios of our own family life. It presented us with the opportunity to ‘practice what we preach’ to its fullest expression and create the scenario house.


The main design challenge was finding a way of connecting the front part of the house, which originally had two separate Victorian reception rooms with the basement level, a full floor height below, both physically and visually, in order to create a sense of single and connected open living and kitchen spaces.

创建一个分层的开放式双接待室,通过一个倾斜的玻璃屋顶扩展与厨房和花园楼层相连,并通过一个 “浮动 “图书馆功能通往卧室楼层,解决了这一挑战。

Creating a split-level open double reception, connected to the kitchen and garden floor by an angled glazed roof extension and a ‘floating’ library feature leading up to the bedroom floors, solved this challenge.


Considerable thought was given to developing our brief both for current and future scenarios and conscious effort was made to use every available space the house had to offer. This included using spaces under the stairs, in the eves, in hallways and limited height areas.


One such space was the relatively low ceiling height area resulted by the lowering of part of the reception above. This presented an opportunity for a fun and practical kids area. A storage unit under the stairs complete with a pull out table and bench invites the kids to spend time playing, doing their homework and artwork ina designated but connected part of the home.

我们的孩子在制定他们自己的卧室的设计方案时发挥了核心作用。结果是在单层原始房屋扩建的屋檐下建起了一个通往 “秘密空间 “的攀岩墙。还有什么比使用消防员杆更好的方式回来呢?

Our children took a central part in developing both the brief and the design of their own bedroom. Resulting in a climbing wall leading to a ‘secret space’ at the eves of the single pitch original house extension. And what better way to come back down than use the fireman pole!

Architects: Scenario Architecture
Area: 202 m²
Year: 2016
Photographs: Matt Clayton
Manufacturers: Bespoke, Trade, Yes
Lead Architect: Maya Carni
Contractor: ABI Contractors
Structural Engineer: Solid Geometry
Clients:Maya Carni, Ran Ankory
Cdm Oordinator:Jackson Cole
Party Wall:PMSS
Cdm Coordinator:Jackson Cole
Country:United Kingdom


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