Scope是一家位于日本东京的极简主义房屋,由APOLLO Architects&Associates设计。这个两代家庭的住宅通过将车库和入口通道设置在地下,利用平缓的倾斜场地,从而利用建筑规范的限制,在建筑物的一部分位于地下时增加建筑面积。这使得布局具有三层楼的面积,足以让父母和孩子的住宅完全分开。雪松模板为外部钢筋混凝土墙提供了特色,而钢框架则环绕着单向镜子窗户,既保持了隐私,又保持了内部的开放感。玻璃墙将车库与共用的地下入口通道隔开,使其感觉比较大。此外,从天窗涌入的阳光使入口通道在地下空间中具有不寻常的柔和氛围。

Scope is a minimalist house located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by APOLLO Architects & Associates. This residence for a two-generation family makes use of the gently sloping site by locating the garage and entryway underground, thereby taking advantage of an allowance in the building code for increased floor area when part of the building is underground. This enables a layout with three stories’ worth of floor area, enough for the parents’ and children’s residences to be fully separate. Cedar formwork gives the exterior reinforced concrete walls their character, while steel frames surround one-way-mirror windows that maintain both privacy and an open feeling inside. Glass walls separate the garage from the shared underground entryway, making it feel larger than it is. In addition, sunlight pouring in from a skylight lends the entryway a soft ambiance unusual in an underground space.
The parents’ residence, located on the first floor, takes advantage of the wide frontage with a deep balcony whose eaves shelter it from rain, making a special place to spend time outdoors. The simple, one-bedroom unit provides plenty of space for the elderly couple. Pine trees on the neighboring property lend a pleasant view to the chic, serene interior. On the second floor, the younger generation’s residence is distinguished by a bright, airy private entryway light up by a skylight on the north side. As in the lower unit, this one includes a balcony, but continuous one- way-mirror windows surrounding the exterior create a penthouse-like feeling of openness. The overall impression contrasts with that of the under-eaves balcony below. In the evening, light from both units beautifully illuminates the building and enlivens the quiet streetscape.

Design: Architects&Associates
Photography: © Architects&Associates