Selene系列作品,法国,Alexis Pichot

法国摄影师Alexis Pichot的新系列“Selene”是在“月光的笼罩下”拍摄的,探索彩虹般的风景。

French photographer Alexis Pichot’s new series ‘Séléné’ is an exploration of iridescent landscapes, shot under the “protective gaze of the moon”.
In Greek mythology, Selene the goddess is a personification of the full moon; a glowing deity who drove a chariot across the heavens, illuminating lands and skies with her far-gleaming rays of light. The title and narrative of this series is an ode to Selene; whereby ethereal snow-capped mountains, white sand dunes, and dramatic rocky landscapes, are bathed in the bright glow of moonlight. The photographer, whose work we have featured previously, says he traveled to an imaginary world for personal exploration—there he witnessed the transcendent nature of the divine. “I find it there, faithful presence, intense and silent”, he explained. “Sharp edges, iridescent valleys, vertiginous cliffs, and wavy bodies”, are the symbol of matter that absorbs and reflects light—the “source of life”.

Author: © Alexis Pichot
Project: Selene


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