Sennen是由伦敦工作坊Sedilia创建的简约弧形沙发。 Sennen弧形沙发具有柔和的弧度,旨在创造舒适而不失妥协。 专业的比例提供终极的懒散体验,其宽敞的深垫和完全弹起的背部提供全面支撑,使其成为放松身心的理想场所。 宽阔的扫掠曲线从各个角度看都雄伟壮观,线条的连续性由英国制造并与国际知名的面料专家Tibor合作开发的定制梭织bouclé的无缝覆盖物保持。 在Sedilia自己的bouclé中装饰,该bouclé与英国纺织品制造商Tibor合作开发。 一种不可抗拒的柔软环状纱线,在英格兰用绵羊羊毛和有机棉的丰富混合物制成。 此处以本色显示,配以天然精油制成的实心橡木硬币脚。

Sennen is a minimalist curved sofa created by London-based workshop Sedilia. A soft arc of elegance, the Sennen Curved Sofa has been designed to create comfort without compromise. Expertly proportioned to provide the ultimate slouching experience, its generously deep cushion and fully sprung back offer total support, making it the perfect place to relax. With vast sweeping curves that look magnificent from every angle, the continuity of line is maintained by the seamless covering of custom-woven bouclé, made in the U.K. and developed in collaboration with internationally recognized fabric specialists Tibor. Upholstered in Sedilia’s very own bouclé which has been developed in collaboration with British textile makers, Tibor. An irresistibly soft, looped yarn, woven in England from a sumptuous mix of sheep’s wool and organic cotton. Shown here in Ecru paired with solid oak coin feet in natural oil finish.

Design: Sedilia
Photography: Sedilia