ShadowBox住宅,加拿大多伦多,Johnson Chou

ShadowBox是位于加拿大多伦多的一处极简主义建筑,由Johnson Chou设计。这个项目是对建筑本质的探索:通过捕捉难以捉摸的光影来见证时间的流逝,并通过不同的空间尺度和体验来产生强烈的运动感。
该住宅位于多伦多的Upper Beaches地区,面对繁忙,有时嘈杂的主干道,因此外部开口被最小化为一个水平的条形窗口。住宅的入口位于建筑的中点,可通过一条侧巷进入。入口门厅位于餐厅和厨房/早餐区之间。建筑的东西朝向允许早餐有晨光,晚餐有晚光。从一层的厨房来看,餐厅是两层通高的,客厅是三层通高的,当一个人在家里流动时,唤起一种膨胀或压缩的感觉。

ShadowBox is a minimalist property located in Toronto, Canada, designed by Johnson Chou. This project is an exploration of the essence of architecture: to enable the witnessing of the passage of time by capturing the elusive play of light and shadow, and to engender a heightened sense of movement through varying spatial scales and experiences.
Located in the Upper Beaches area of Toronto, the residence faces a busy, at times cacophonous arterial road and as a result the exterior openings were minimized to a single horizontal strip window. Entrance into the residence is at the midpoint of the building accessed through a side lane. The entrance foyer is located between the Dining and Kitchen/Breakfast areas. The east-west orientation of the building allows for morning light at breakfast and evening light at dinner. From the one-storey kitchen, the dining room is double-height and the living room is triple-height, invoking a sense of expansion or compression as one flows through the home.

Design: Johnson Chou
Photograph:Johnson Chou