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前IBM办公大楼位于蒙彼利埃内郊的Pompignane,是蒙彼利埃内郊的一部分。2004年和2007年,Covivio公司购买了该地块,在这个28公顷的地中海景观中,散布着大约10栋办公楼。前Foncière des Régions公司以自然和建筑的敏感融合重新开发了这块巨大的地产,旨在吸引新的技术公司并培育蒙彼利埃自己的 “硅谷”。

The former IBM office complex is located in Pompignane, part of the inner suburbs of Montpellier. The site, purchased in 2004 and 2007 by the Covivio Company, is home to some ten office buildings scattered around this 28-hectare Mediterranean landscape. The former Foncière des Régions Company has redeveloped this vast property in a sensitive blending of nature and architecture, aiming to attract new technology companies and foster Montpellier’s own “Silicone Valley”.

BGA被委托为Orange公司建造一个新的办公园区,并重新设计1983年由建筑师和设计师Marc Held建造的原公司间食堂。他的建筑,在很大程度上受到伽罗-罗马别墅的启发,围绕着两个内部天井,主天井被一个木柱门廊所包围,并由石块和鹅卵石交替组成的墙壁围住。

BGA was commissioned to build a new office campus for Orange and to redesign the former inter-company cafeteria built-in 1983 by the architect and designer Marc Held. His architecture, greatly inspired by Gallo-Roman villas, is organized around two interior patios, the main one being surrounded by a portico of wooden columns and enclosed by walls made of alternating layers of stone blocks and cobblestones.


BGA’s intervention involved two main parts: first of all, the rehabilitation of the beautiful heritage on the site, overhanging frameworks, Roman-style tile roofs, composite peripheral walls, columns, wooden carpentry, ground paved with sandstone, raw concrete for the original interior structure, with all of this being preserved and restored. Broad gaps have also been cut in the peripheral wall to further open the bastide to the magnificent landscape of the surrounding campus. A hollow dug out of part of the central courtyard also brings light into the ground floor.


In addition, the demolition of the old kitchens, made of exposed cinder blocks, allowed for an extension of the program. The new volume, which repeats the system of patios, houses a business center, an amphitheater, a co-working area, offices for local start-ups, and fitness and wellness areas. An agora, a sunlit, linear area, serves as the link between the existing and the new building, pulling the various programs together.


This new program crowned by a chain of outdoor theaters and planted terraces opens to the broader landscape and is linked by a series of ramps. Festive evenings in the outdoor spaces are perfumed by fragrances of pine, lavender, fig trees, and jasmine released by the sizzling afternoon sun.

Architects: Brenac & Gonzalez & Associés
Area: 16000 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Stefan Tuchila, Sergio Grazia, Vincent Boutin
Structural Engineering: RBS
Landscape:Jean-Michel Rameau
Fluids Engineering:Barnabel
Building Costs Consultant:DAL Eco


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