Shoebox公寓,西班牙巴塞罗那,Barbara Appolloni Arquitecta

Shoebox是位于西班牙巴塞罗那的简约公寓,由Barbara Appolloni Arquitecta设计。裸露的混凝土空间以前是一个停车库。建筑师希望室内通过无框玻璃窗和客厅的玻璃角与外部互动。以混凝土为主的室内与栗色木质调形成鲜明对比。沙发上方舒适的角落里有一个Sabine Marcelis的圆镜。

Shoebox is a minimalist apartment located in Barcelona, Spain, designed by Barbara Appolloni Arquitecta. The exposed concrete space was formerly a parking garage. The architect wanted the interior to interact with the outside through frameless glass windows and a glass corner in the living room. The mainly concrete interior is contrasted with a warmer chestnut wood accent. A Sabine Marcelis’ Round Mirror can be found above the sofa situated within a cozy nook.

Design:Barbara Appolloni Arquitecta
Photography:Christopher Stark


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