Brands use space-like media to convey their philosophy to consumers. However, as flagship stores are popping up like mushrooms, it is common for the space to be filled with splendid productions and eye-catchers rather than containing the brand’s vision and identity. On the other hand, SIDIZ’s flagship store attracts attention by faithfully capturing the essence and direction of its pursuit based on a solid brand philosophy.

“坐姿体验”,即 “通过在椅子上的各种坐姿体验支持更充实、更美好的生活”,在其旗舰店中体现了这一点。坐的行为是熟悉和自然的,所以它不可避免地与 “新 “这个形容词相悖。然而,SIDIZ Nonhyeon旗舰店巧妙地解决了日常和非日常交织在一起似乎难以缩小的差距。穿过门面,这意味着向非日常的过渡,12种主要产品整齐地排列在左右两侧,朝向大型媒体墙的外观就像一个熟悉的教室场景或前卫的装置。这种集中式的布局鼓励用户专注于独坐的行为。

“Sitting Experience,” that is, “Supporting a more fulfilling and better life through various sitting experiences on chairs,” embodied this in its flagship store. The act of sitting is familiar and natural, so it is inevitably antipodal to the adjective ‘New.’ However, SIDIZ Nonhyeon Flagship Store smartly solves the gap that seems difficult to narrow with daily and non-daily weaving. Passing through the facade, which means a transition to non-daily, 12 main products are neatly aligned left and right, and the appearance toward a large media wall is like a familiar classroom scene or an avant-garde installation. This centralized layout encourages users to concentrate on the act of sitting alone.

Betwin Space专门制作了与12把椅子相匹配的固定运动办公桌,虽然它们有原创的材料和设计,但它们看起来并不觊觎主角椅子的位置。相反,它们完全是作为椅子的助手,色调和形状都很克制。此外,安装在动感办公桌上的立灯和像聚光灯一样落在12把椅子上的顶灯也能引起人们的沉浸感。这种选择和集中是SIDIZ Nonhyeon旗舰店的设计核心。

Betwin Space specially produced fixed motion desks that matched 12 chairs, and although they have original material and design, they do not look covet the position of the main character, chairs. Rather, they fully serve as assistants to the chairs with a restrained tone and shape. In addition, stand lights installed in the motion desks and ceiling lights that fall like spotlights on the 12 chairs also induce immersion. Such selection and concentration are the design core of SIDIZ Nonhyeon Flagship Store.


Another feature of this flagship store is that the elements of space are thoroughly tailored to individuals who experience chairs. In fact, not many things are as personal as chairs. This flagship store allows visitors to thoroughly choose a design that suits their body type and taste. The ‘product-specific information search’ provided at each motion desk assists in this fascinating exploration journey. Starting with guidelines on correct posture, product-specific functions, detailed fitting options, styling tips, and even product orders are carried out in one-stop, providing accurate information as well as naturally increasing the time spent sitting in the chairs, adding to the depth of experience. Due to the geographical characteristics of the space, the flagship store is located on the second floor, and the brand’s blue color with modern materials and brands expresses the brand’s sensibility, and the shelf is transparent to enhance the shape of the chair.

SIDIZ的技术、专业知识和精致的设计感体现在整个空间中。我们特意排除了感性,强调了理性主义,即理性主义。通常情况下,家具品牌往往以 “椅子=生活方式 “为理念,专注于感性的生产,但以专业技术为特色的西迪兹认为应该尽可能地专注于本质,排除不必要的元素。安装在天花板上的灯使用透明亚克力暴露了它们的光源。这是一个隐喻性的装置,揭示了它是一个注重功能和理性的空间。关键的关键词 “坐的体验 “是从坐的行为的本质开始的。最后,关键是舒适。SIDIZ积累了大量的舒适技术和诀窍。现有的商店是从卖家的角度设计的,所以消费者必须忙碌地移动。然而,为了充分传达围绕椅子的体验,有必要增加坐在椅子上的时间,而不是其他。

SIDIZ’s technology, expertise, and refined design sensibility are reflected throughout the space. We deliberately excluded sensibility and emphasized rationalism, that is, rationalism. Usually, furniture brands tend to focus on emotional production with the idea of “chairs=lifestyle,” but SIDIZ, whose specialty is expertise, believes that it should focus on the essence as much as possible, excluding unnecessary elements. Lights installed on the ceiling exposed their light source using transparent acrylic. This is a device that metaphorically reveals that it is a space that focuses on function and reason. The key keyword ‘Sitting Experience’ started from the essence of the act of sitting. In the end, the key is comfort. SIDIZ has accumulated a lot of technology and know-how for comfort. Existing stores are designed from the seller’s point of view, so consumers must move busily. However, to fully convey the experience surrounding the chairs, it was necessary to increase the amount of time sitting on the chairs above all else.

坐姿体验区是一个设计元素,通过银色的窗帘将所有的目光集中在中心,关注一种新的 “坐姿体验 “方式,以及具有内部和外部扭曲的空间,以最大限度地提高好奇心和 “坐姿体验”。为此,单独制作了一个运动台,检查你的坐姿是否正确,你可以把注意力集中在椅子上,这样你就可以通过充分的坐姿、体验和探索来找到自己的椅子。紧凑的用户体验设计和空间设计,诚实地揭示了品牌的功能和合理框架,使旗舰店的吸引力加倍。媒体墙也是引起综合体验的一个重要因素。集中式的结构有助于图像的沉浸感。这种安排通常用于教堂或教室,但只要将椅子面向媒体墙放置,就会增加对视频的关注。

The Sitting Experience Zone is a design element that focuses all eyes on the center through silver curtains, focusing on a new way of “sitting experience,” and space with internal and external twists to maximize curiosity and “sitting experience.” To this end, a motion desk was produced separately to check if you sat in the right posture, and you could focus on the chair so that you could find your own chair by fully sitting, experiencing, and exploring it. Compact user experience design and space design that honestly reveals the functional and rational framework of the brand doubles the appeal of the flagship store. The media wall is also an important factor in eliciting an integrated experience. The centralized structure helps the immersion of the image. This arrangement is often used in churches or classrooms, but just by placing chairs facing the media wall, the attention on the video is increased.


As mentioned, the essence of sitting is comfort. But the media wall’s video tried to reveal the positive change that occurs when people sit on chairs, that is, an act that goes beyond the essence. We sit on chairs to work, study, play games, and relax. The roles and values of chairs that increase efficiency and increase immersion are converged and visualized as a sitting experience. Ambiguous art films and videos explaining the function of the product were not adopted. In the end, the visual beauty and BGM optimized for the atmosphere of space were completed. Experiences can be completely different from each other. We focused on providing an experience beyond the simple experience of purchasing a product. We could complete this space because we wanted the brand to be imprinted and what customers’ acts in this space to be memorable.

Architects: Betwin Space Design
Area : 159 m²
Year : 2022
Photographs :Yong-joon Choi
Manufacturers : Flotex
Design : Junggon Kim, Hwanwoo Oh
Design Team : Suin Lee, Seon Gwan Kim, Min Kyoung Kim, Yeon Kyun Ha
City : Gangnam-gu
Country : South Korea