我们为一位热衷于现代文化和音乐的年轻人设计了这套室内装饰。重要的是要为房主打造一个个性化的室内空间,让艺术品完美地融入其中,同时还要为家庭办公室找到一个位置,因为客户计划在他的 Youtube 频道上拍摄视频。

We designed this interior for a young man who is keen on modern culture and music. It was important to create a personalized interior for a homeowner where the art objects would perfectly fit in, as well as to find a place for a home office because the client plans to shoot videos on his Youtube channel.
In the apartment, there were practically no dividers. We transformed the space drastically: divided the living room, removed the guest bathroom that was in the operational zone of the hall, and organized an additional bathroom and a home office instead of the corridor.

室内的两种主色调是米色和黑色。通过家具和装修,公寓被划分为不同的 “区块”。在入口处,大厅的墙壁、衣柜和厨房的立柱橱柜形成了一个明亮的区块。

The two main colors in the interior are beige and black. The apartment is divided into “blocks” thanks to the furniture pieces and finishing. At the entrance, there is a bright block formed by the hall’s walls, wardrobe, and kitchen column cabinets.
At the entrance, the dark porcelain stoneware continues in the graphite facades of the second wardrobe. We placed two big mirrors and a console with the down backlit in the hall. The cabinets’ bodies are black but we made a backlit that automatically turns on when one opens a cabinet in order to easier find a needed item. This backlit is set not only above the hanging rods but above the deep shelves for shoes.

下一个暗色块是厨房。我们选择了大规格的陶瓷石器作为墙面装饰。我们为上部模块的外墙饰面找到了一种非传统的解决方案:外墙重复了金属的纹理,与金属一样反射光线,但它们是由中密度纤维板制成的,表面覆盖着基于金属粉末的特殊瓷釉。为了使上部模块看起来像一个整体,我们将外墙和装饰性侧边部分成 45° 角。

The next dark block is a kitchen. We chose large-format porcelain stoneware for the wall’s finishing. We found a non-traditional solution for the upper modules’ façade finishing: the facades repeat the metal texture and reflect the light as the metal but they’re made of MDF and covered by special enamel based on metal powder. For the block of upper modules looking monolith, we matched the facades and decorative side parts by a 45° angle.

客户希望厨房保持整洁,因此我们为茶壶设置了专门的储藏空间。我们在转角模块的立面后面延续了桌面。 人们可以轻松地打开面板,滑动主体框架。然后就可以拿起茶壶,装满水并打开。我们把插座放在模块内部。
在兼具微波炉功能的烤箱下面,在外墙后面,有一个可伸缩的转角系统,可承受 17 公斤的负荷,易于打开和关闭。

The client is prone to maintain the kitchen tidy that’s why we organized a special place for the teapot storage. We continued the table top behind the facade of a corner module. One can easily open the façade and slide of the body frame. Then one can take the teapot, fill it with water, and turn it on. We placed the sockets inside the module.
Under the oven that is also functioning as a microwave, behind the façade, there is a corner retractable system that withstands up to 17 kilograms of load, easy to open and close.

我们在灰色深色沙发旁摆放了一张原创的茶几,茶几由简洁的圆形和顶部的背光组成。茶几与餐桌上方的 Vibia 圆形吊灯相映成趣

We opted for supporting the brutality of the interior by the dining table with the micro concrete finishing. We complemented it with the bright leather MDF Italia chairs.
We placed an original coffee table formed of laconic circles with the backlit in the top one side by side with the grey deep sofa. This coffee table is resonating with the round pendant Vibia lamps that we set over the dining table.


We mounted the TV on the paneled wall in the kitchen-living room. Tall enameled panels create additional vertical lines. We placed a mirror that reflects the natural daylight from the window on the right side of the panel.
This apartment has no corridors left after our thoughtful work with the planning layout.

我们用色调柔和的玻璃隔断将家庭办公室与房间其他部分隔开,取代了开发商设计的走廊。我们挂上了窗帘,营造出一种更加亲密的氛围。我们制作了一个额外的通风系统,这样客户即使关上门也可以在家庭办公室工作。在窗帘下的壁龛中,我们制作了一个 RGB 背光灯:因为客户即将成为一名 Youtube 博主,所以这种时尚的灯光非常适合。

We made a home office separated from the rest of the room by the toned glass divider in the place of the corridor designed by the developer. We hung the curtains to create a more intimate atmosphere. We made an additional ventilation system so that the client could work in the home office even with the closed doors. In the niche under the curtains, we made an RGB backlit: since the client is about to become a Youtube blogger, the trendy light will be a good fit.


We designed and produced a hanging table for a home office. It’s big and solid but looks weightless like a paper sheet because of the beveled edge. On the left of the table, there are modules for storing documents and books. Above the table, there is a mobile mini light that is possible to regulate and direct to the needed spot. Also under the low modules, there is a backlit that are turning on with the swipe.


We invited the artist who made a wall painting in the interior pallet with adding of a dark red shade. The kitchen-living room interior became more dynamic and acute thanks to this graffiti.
We designed a guest bathroom instead of the former corridor. Despite the functional zone exceeding the borders of the bathroom; this solution is legitimate since the zone is separated from the bathroom by a divider. It’s necessary just to place any door or make a doorway for the project’s approval.

根据客户的要求,我们在天花板上设置了 RGB 灯光和背光灯,这样就可以通过遥控器和面板调节灯光的颜色和强度。

In this column cabinet, there is a washing machine with a dryer as well as a place for the iron and ironing board.
We produced a round-shaped mirror for this bathroom. We finished the whole bathroom with porcelain stoneware with a concrete texture. Together with the radial mirror, it gives the sensation of the moon landscape.
We placed the bed in a way that one could see the park and the city from the window and the sunset sunbeam would come to the bed header.
As the client requested, we set the RGB lights and backlit along the ceiling so that it’s possible to regulate its color and intensity with the remote control and a panel.

这间公寓没有独立的步入式衣柜。因此,我们在卧室里设置了一个衣柜,用于放置衣物和配饰。玻璃幕墙后面的架子上有 RGB 背光。在透明外墙后面可以存放鞋子、配饰和装饰品。柜子内部可以放置衣服、背光灯,对面还有一面镜子。这个柜子很好地替代了步入式衣柜。

This apartment has no separate walk-in closet. Instead, we placed an accent wardrobe for clothing and accessories in the bedroom. Behind the glass facades, on the shelves, there is RGB backlit. It’s possible to store the shoes, accessories, and décor pieces behind the transparent facades. Inside, there are places for clothes, backlit, and a mirror on the opposite side of the facade. This cabinet has become a decent replacement for the walk-in closet.

卧室里还需要一个柜子,所以我们把它放在了壁龛里–它实际上是在模仿墙壁。RGB 背光设置在内置型材把手后面。柜子里还藏有洗衣篮。

The bedroom needed one more cabinet; so we placed it in the niche – it practically mimics the wall. The RGB backlit is set behind the built-in profile handle. In the cabinet, there are hidden laundry baskets.
The entrance to the bathroom is moved from the corridor to the bedroom. This allowed us to create a small master bedroom. We chose bright porcelain stoneware for the wall in front of the entrance and glued it on the furniture facades. We made shelves and sockets behind the facades.


We placed the same round mirror as in the guest bathroom. We produced a sink made of quartz stone specially for this bathroom.
The bathroom looks like a monolith block thanks to the porcelain stoneware finish. The faucet of the bathtub is built-in into its frame.

Architects: Alexander Tischler
Area: 68 m²
Photography: Evgenii Kulibaba
Lead Architects:Karapetian
Engineer:Konstantin Prokhorov,Oleg Mokrushnikov
Head of Purchasing :Ekaterina Baibakova
Installation Manager :Evgenii Bridnya
Designer:Anna Prokhorova,
Finishing Manager :Karen Nikoian
Stylist :Nastasya Korbut
Copywriting :Vera Minchenkova
Type: A one-bedroom apartment
Features: Apartment without load-bearing walls, with a kitchenette, and a long corridor
City: Moscow
Country: Russia