Equip美发沙龙,日本大阪,Sides Core

Equip是一家位于日本大阪的极简主义发廊,由SIDES CORE设计。该空间的灵感来自于业主对登山的热爱。业主描述了一次独特的和激动人心的体验,每一次都是不同的。他希望这个空间能反映这种情感上的洞见,并希望客人在每次参观他的沙龙后都能有一种新的体验。每一件家具和设备都经过精心挑选,以融入一个平衡和谐的环境。

Equip is a minimalist hair salon located in Osaka, Japan, designed by SIDES CORE. The space is inspired by the owner’s love for mountain climbing. The owner describes the ascent as a unique and thrilling experience that is distinct each time. He wanted the space to reflect this emotional insight, and wanted guests to have a new experience after each visit to his salon. Each piece of furniture and equipment was carefully selected in order to melt into a balanced and harmonious environment.

Design: Sides Core
Photography: Masuda Yoshiro


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