Softie室内装修,美国,OPA Architects

为什么建筑不能更像自然–多变、多样、无拘无束? 我们的客户希望回到家中,感受到一种私人自由的感觉,从外面的世界中释放出来。

Why can’t architecture be more like nature — changeable, varied, and uninhibited? Our client wanted to return home and feel a sense of private freedom, a release from the conformity of the world outside.

在这个项目中,我们将她现有的现代主义房屋软化,注入了云的氛围。 云朵自由地散布在房子里,以不同的方式溶解和柔化它。

In this project, we softened her existing Modernist house by infusing it with an atmosphere of clouds. The clouds scatter freely throughout the house and dissolve and soften it in different ways.

云朵侵蚀并模糊了理性的现代主义格局的秩序,创造了一种漂浮不定的空间感。 柔和的瞬间会不期而遇–这些介入就像一团雾气,不均匀地沉淀下来。

The clouds erode and blur the order of the rational modernist grid, creating a sense of space that floats and drifts. Moments of softness are encountered unexpectedly – the interventions are like a mist that has settled unevenly.


The softness dissolves the entry, melts the stairs, wafts through the house on all three floors, and a lonely cloud is trapped above a sheltered terrace.

建筑师:OPA Architects
摄影:Joe Fletcher, Naaro
客户:Gary and Somusa Ng
首席建筑师:Zoë Prillinger, Luke Ogrydziak
项目建筑师:Yuki Bowman
设计团队:Dave Bowen
城市:Mill Valley
Architects: OPA Architects
Area: 6500 ft²
Photographs: Joe Fletcher, Naaro
Client:Gary and Somusa Ng
Lead Architects:Zoë Prillinger, Luke Ogrydziak
Project Architect:Yuki Bowman
Design Team:Dave Bowen
City:Mill Valley
Country:United States