Sorimachi House,日本横滨,Tayaya


Despite being close to the center of Yokohama, this detached house is located in a residential area with a calm atmosphere and many slopes.The three main themes are the relationship with the road, the three-dimensional family place, and the space that makes heavy use of trees.From the living room, dining room, Japanese-style room, the second floor desk, the windows on each floor, the visual feeling of getting out through the road, the feeling of spreading the garden around the building obtained by treating the road as an open space, and surrounding the three sides of the site We planned the relationship with the road carefully.From the LDK on the first floor, through the stairs, the reading space on the landing, to the desk space on the second floor, to the desk space on the second floor, the location of the family is connected in three dimensions. From the LDK, which is in contact with the ground, to the view of the second floor desk through the atrium, the outside The relationship also expands in three dimensions.This site is required to have a certain level of fire resistance according to government regulations. Adjust the wall position according to the fire spread line so that wooden fittings can be used, carefully examine the specifications that can show the tree as much as possible, and make the structural material of the representation more than a certain size to have sufficient fire resistance performance It is a house where you can feel the warmth of trees while securing it.

Location: Yokohama, Kanagawa
Use: Private house
Design: Takaya Tawa + Akihiko Inari Architecture Laboratory
Contact: Hiroyuki Suginaka, Mayumi Suginaka
Structural design: Ryota Shimizu structural design studio
Construction: Hayama Corporation
Photo: Otake Osuke, Tawa Roya
Site area: 148.0㎡
Building area: 68.2㎡
Total floor area: 122.3㎡
Structure scale: Wooden 2 stories
Completion: June 2019