Spine桌,瑞典斯德哥尔摩,Erik Olovsson

Spine Table是由斯德哥尔摩的设计师Erik Olovsson设计的极简主义桌子。脊柱是由两个部分组成的一系列的桌子-一个薄铝板捕获在一个铸造树脂表面。该系列是许多材料探索的结果,涉及弯曲形式和增强的灵活性。每张桌子的脊梁由一块10毫米厚的铝板制成。铝的两面都有刻痕,可以形成戏剧性的曲线。铝经过阳极氧化,并在树脂表面围绕骨架形状浇铸之前放置到位。当树脂粘合时,它会约束铝,悬挂了脊柱的曲线并形成了桌子结构。有机曲线的痕迹通过抛光树脂保持可见,其结构明显而重要。

Spine Table is a minimalist table created by Stockholm-based designer Erik Olovsson. Spine is a series of tables consisting of two components – a thin aluminum sheet captured in a cast resin surface. The series is a result of many material explorations concerned with bent forms and enhanced flexibility. The spine of each table is formed from a 10mm plate of aluminum. The aluminum is scored on both sides, allowing for the dramatic curve to be formed. The aluminum is anodized and set in place before the resin surface is cast around the skeletal form. As the resin bonds it constrains the aluminum, suspending the spines ́ curve and creating the tables structure. Traces of the organic curve remain visible through the polished resin, its structure evident and essential.

Design:Erik Olovsson
Photography:Gustav Almestål