Spronken度假屋,西班牙卡斯特利翁,Xander Spronken

距离地中海仅半小时车程,沿着一条蜿蜒的卡斯特利翁山的私人道路,您会发现’ Spronken House ‘ – 一个由艺术家设计的西班牙度假屋,可供出租。
荷兰艺术家Xander Spronken是该品牌的制造商和同名品牌,不仅因其铁雕而且因其独特的建筑构图而闻名。’Spronken House’是他练习的双重性质的特征; 作为一个可居住的雕塑,分为两部分,占地四公顷。酒店坐落在棕黄色的景观中,周围环绕着杏树和橄榄树林,拥有自然环境,设有落地窗,外部庭院区和两个游泳池,享有伊比利亚山脉的景致。房屋的东翼和西翼总面积为310平方米,面积相当大,每间都有两间卧室,两间浴室,一间厨房,一个厨房和一个起居用餐区。由混凝土,木材,铁和玻璃建造。

Just a half-hour drive from the Mediterranean Sea, along a private road that winds its way through the Castellón Hills, you’ll find ‘Spronken House’—a holiday home in Spain designed by an artist, and available to rent.
Dutch artist Xander Spronken, the maker and namesake of the property, is renowned not only for his iron sculptures but also for his unique architectural compositions. The ‘Spronken House’ is characteristic of the dual nature of his practice; existing as a liveable sculpture set in two parts on a four-hectare property. Settled amongst the umber landscape, surrounded by groves of almond and olive trees, the home takes advantage of its natural surrounds with floor-to-ceiling windows, external patio areas, two swimming pools, and views of the Iberian mountains. Measuring at 310-square-meters in total, the east and west wings of the house are substantial in size, each housing two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, pantry, and a living-dining area. Constructed from concrete, wood, iron, and glass, this high ceilinged solar-powered holiday home offers an aesthetic take on contemporary living.

DESIGN: Xander Spronken
PROJECT: Spronken House
PHOTOGRAPHY: Xander Spronken


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