Srebarna 18住宅楼位于保加利亚首都索非亚的Loven公园和Vitosha地铁站之间的一个快速发展区。复杂的三角角属性,以及城市规划的限制,很大程度上决定了该建筑的体量。为了实现明确的设计和功能性生活空间,在规划中采用了正交方案。

Srebarna 18 residential building is located in a rapidly developing area between Loven Park and Vitosha metro station in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. The complex triangular corner property, as well as urban planning restrictions, largely determine the volume of the building. To achieve a definite design and functional living spaces, an orthogonal scheme was used in the plan.

主要的设计元素是由白色石灰石制成的极简主义框架 – Limra。它的方形几何形状平息了动态的体积,给建筑带来了精确和秩序。材料之间的比例–铜饰面的复合材料和玻璃–在地理方向和内部空间的功能方面经历了演变。建筑的材料和颜色的选择是为了补充和延续附近以办公大楼为主的环境。

The main design element is the minimalist frame made of white limestone – Limra. Its square geometry calms down the dynamic volume and gives precision and order to the building. The ratio between materials – composite with copper finish and glass – undergoes evolution in the geographical directions and the function of the interior spaces. The materials and colors for the building have been chosen to complement and continue the context, dominated by the office building nearby.

尽管复杂的城市规划参数及其限制是这个项目的最大挑战,但在建筑设计和功能方面没有做出任何妥协。所有的细节都是精心进行的,以强调Srebarna 18的建筑理念。

Despite the complex urban planning parameters and their limitations, which were the greatest challenge of this project, no compromises were made when it comes to architectural design and functionality. All details are carefully carried out to emphasize the architectural concept of Srebarna 18.


Functionally, the building is planned on two underground and eight above-ground floors. The first floor is intended entirely for commercial premises. There are apartments with a clear and clean layout and favorable geographical exposure from the second to the eighth floor.

Srebarna 18的外部外壳被执行为悬挂式通风外墙,由于建筑的朝向和大规模的铜板,Srebarna 18在白天有不同的外观—从早晨到黎明–反射的阳光带来不同的颜色和剪影。

Srebarna 18 has an external shell executed as a suspended ventilated façade and thanks to the orientation of the building and the large-scale copper sheets, Srebarna 18 has a different look during the day – from morning until dawn – the reflected sunlight gives different colors and silhouettes.

Architects: STARH
Area: 6580 m²
Year: 2022
Photographs:Dian Stanchev
Manufacturers: ALPOLIC, Reynaers Aluminium, AGC Glass, Knauf, Kone, ROCKWOOL
Lead Architects: Svetoslav Stanislavov
Architect: Petar Nikolov, Hristo Dushev, Zhenya Atanasova, Dimitar Katsarov, Iva Kostova, Borislav Stanchev, Sanya Kovacheva, Debora Dimitrova, Marina Madzharova, Mirela Teofanova, Georgi Pasev, Vladimir Kavaev
City: Sofia
Country: Bulgaria