蒙特利尔风格的法式加拿大小酒馆位于温哥华铁路区的中心地带。客户想要一个感觉好像已经存在很长时间的空间,一个有时间沉淀的空间。为了获得灵感,该项目选择了家庭住宅,魁北克的Cabane a Sucre,传统的法国纺织品和简单的复杂作为共同点。由此产生的内部是一个对比的游戏,直截了当,但充满个性和温暖; 一个更美观的空间融合成一个统一的整体。

A Montreal style, French-Canadian bistro set in the heart of Vancouver’s railtown district. Our client approached us wanting a space which felt like it had been there a long time, a space accrued in time. For inspiration, we looked to the family home, the Cabane a Sucre of Quebec, traditional French textiles and simple sophistication as a common thread. The resultant interior is a play in contrasts, straight- forward but full of personality and warmth; a space where a more is more aesthetic coalesces into a unified whole.

小而紧凑的房间鼓励陌生人和朋友之间的对话。设计方法有点像两个人。当然,总有一个严格的设计过程,然而对于这个项目,一个不断的问题与它并行 – 如果空间没有设计,什么规则可以决定决策?了解何时从美学和设计的角度推动某些东西,何时退后一步,最终会产生一种感觉非常周到和受到关注的空间。

The small, tight room encourages conversation among strangers and friends alike.The design approach was sort of a two and fro. There is always, of course, a rigorous design process, however for this project, a constant questioning ran alongside it – if the space was not designed, what rules would govern decision making? Understanding when to push something from an aesthetic and design standpoint, and when to step back and let it go, ultimately resulted in a space that feels very thoughtful and cared for.


The narrative was developed akin to the vibrance and heritage of French Canadian Culture. The space exudes a sense of intimacy that references a family home. Nostalgia is at play within the details of the design to articulate a transformative space that honours Quebec.



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