Stripes系列餐具,瑞典, Mateus

就像餐桌的核心是家庭事务一样,Mateus也是一个建立在家族纽带上的品牌。Teresa的女儿Filippa Burenstam Linder是Stripes系列的设计师,这是她为该品牌设计的第二个系列。该系列由浅盘、碗、盘子和杯子组成,共有6种颜色——肉桂色、李子色、浅粉色、海洋色、沙子色和灰色——旨在与其他系列的产品混合搭配。事实上,混合所有系列的餐具是该品牌的信条之一。菲利帕说:“我们希望通过陶瓷的无限可能性,激励我们的顾客去发现和探索他们自己的创造。”“通过条纹,我想分享一种独特的乐趣,当你创造出一种个人的餐桌布置,并以此来表达你自己的创造力。”

Much like the dinner table which at its core is a family affair, Mateus is also a brand built on familial bonds, with Teresa’s daughter, Filippa Burenstam Linder the designer behind Stripes – her second collection for the brand. The collection itself consists of a platter, bowl, plate and mug that come in six colours – cinnamon, plum, light pink, ocean, sand and grey – and are meant to be mixed and matched with pieces from other collections. In fact, mixing tableware from all the collections is one of the brand’s tenets. “We want to inspire our customers to discover and explore their own creation through the unlimited possibilities of ceramics”, says Filippa. “With Stripes, I want to share the unique joy you feel when you create a personal table setting that becomes an expression of your own creativity.”

Photograph:Rami Hanna