Studio Nencini,英国诺里奇,Alder Brisco

Nencini工作室是一个位于英国诺维奇的极简空间,由Alder Brisco设计。走在诺里奇绿叶成荫的金三角边缘,你可能会看到,支撑在一堵砖墙上的白色木质窗户,照亮了插画家和教育家彼得·内奇尼的工作室。2016年底,彼得和他的合伙人、设计师萨莉·内奇尼(Sally Nencini)首次接触建筑师汤姆布里斯科(Thom Brisco),提议对他们的家进行改造,以形成新的空间,用于制作、烹饪和就餐。

Studio Nencini is a minimalist space located in Norwich, United Kingdom, designed by Alder Brisco. Walking the edge of Norwich’s leafy Golden Triangle you might glimpse, propped atop a brick garden wall, a ribbon of white wooden windows that light the studio of illustrator and educator Peter Nencini. Having first approached the architect Thom Brisco at the end of 2016, Peter and his partner, the designer-maker Sally Nencini, proposed a reworking of their home to form new spaces for making, cooking, and eating.

Design:Alder Brisco
Photography: Nick Dearden