SUZDAL别墅,俄罗斯苏兹达尔,FORM Bureau

位于俄罗斯风景如画的乡村小镇苏兹达尔(Suzdal),也是该国最古老的定居点之一,这座新近翻修的别墅或乡间别墅将过去和现在的桥梁结合在一起,将该地区的乡土传统与当代艺术和建筑相结合。 该项目由FORM Bureau设计为休闲场所,将乡村庄园重新想象成一个现代度假胜地,通过极简主义和艺术表现的折衷透镜过滤苏兹达尔丰富的历史和乡村文化。

Located in Suzdal, a picturesque rural township in Russia and one of the country’s oldest settlements, this recently renovated dacha or country house bridges both past and present together by combining the region’s vernacular heritage with contemporary art and architecture. Designed by FORM Bureau as a place for relaxation, the project reimagines the country estate as a modern retreat that filters Suzdal’s rich history and rural culture through an eclectic lens of minimalist sophistication and artistic expression.

Design:FORM Bureau
Photograph:uri Palmin