Taisugar 循环聚落,台南,Bio-architecture Formosana

模块化在较大规模的城市发展中是至关重要的,可以使制造组装和拆卸更加有效,并简化建筑材料库的库存。循环村 “由生活区所在的三个 “循环块 “和 “循环场 “组成,其中包括一个 “C型屋”、一个 “E型屋 “和一个 “C-农场”。C型屋的功能是村庄的客厅,E型屋是厨房,而C型农场是生产食物的花园。

Modularization is crucial in larger-scale urban developments to make fabrication assembly and disassembly more efficient and simplify the stocks of building material banks. The “Circular Village” is made up of the three “Circular Blocks” where the living quarters are located, “Circular Field” where it consists of a “C-House,” an “E-House” and a “C-Farm.” The C-House functions as the living room of the village, the E-House as the kitchen, while the C-Farm is the garden where food is produced.


In the circular economy, materials are reused and virtually no waste is created. The design stage takes into account assembly in construction and deconstruction after use. Some of the materials used include recycled and green materials. For instance, the salvaged hardwood from TaiSugar’s old dilapidated buildings was used as the main structure for the E-House while their recycled railway tracks were designed as a fence on the ground periphery.


Also, the wooden planks from the old buildings were treated and reused as the wooden frame for the pivoted door at C-House. As to reduce the carbon emissions, we have opted for green materials like CLT (cross-laminated timber) and recycled LED glass insulation blocks for the façade and internal partition.


In order to design for disassembly, steel was chosen as the structural material rather than reinforced concrete. Modular building components such as prefabricated PC boards, metal louvers for the façade, prefabricated floor panels for slabs were used in conjunction with BIM software to comprise the BAMB database. In order to further fulfill the spirit of circular economy, the ownership for the elevator, lighting, furniture, and sanitary fixtures were replaced with usership—so in other words, rented instead of purchased.


Architects: Bio-architecture Formosana
Area : 28580 m²
Year : 2021
Photographs :Studio Millspace, Yue-Lun Tsai
Lead Architects : Ying Chao Kuo
Client : Taiwan Sugar Corporation
Country : China