Talavera Lofts证明了奥斯汀对经济适用房和可持续城市化的承诺。该项目位于奥斯汀东部的中心地带,地理位置优越,可以满足社区的需求。这座拥有93个单元的建筑面向收入仅为地区中位数三分之一的申请人,确保所有奥斯汀人都能获得安全和舒适的住房。

Talavera Lofts is a testament to Austin’s commitment to affordable housing and sustainable urbanism. With its prime location in the heart of East Austin, the development is perfectly situated to serve the community’s needs. The 93-unit building is geared towards applicants earning as little as a third of the area median income, ensuring that all Austinites have access to safe and comfortable housing.

DMA公司是德克萨斯州中部经济适用房开发的领导者,承担了开发Plaza Saltillo开发项目留下的三角形场地的任务。我们的目标是创造最先进的经济适用房,使之与快速变化的街区的规模和材料完美融合。该项目是东奥斯汀对拥有一流的多式联运通道的经济适用房的迫切需求的一个重要里程碑。

DMA Companies, a leader in affordable housing development in Central Texas, took on the task of developing the triangle-shaped site that was left over from the Plaza Saltillo development. The goal was to create state-of-the-art affordable housing that integrates seamlessly into the rapidly-changing neighborhood’s scale and materiality. The project is a significant milestone in East Austin’s desperate need for affordable housing with first-class access to multi-modal transit.

可持续性是Talavera Lofts设计的核心。该项目利用了原本被认为不适合住宅开发的城市片区的土地。由于场地附近有许多公共汽车、铁路和自行车线路连接到城市的各个角落,因此该地点可以减少停车和车辆使用。雨水被引向建筑后面的雨水花园,雨水花园在以可控的速度释放回地面之前对水进行储存和过滤。

Sustainability is at the core of Talavera Lofts’ design. The project makes use of a difficult urban slice of land that was originally deemed unsuitable for residential development. The location allows for a reduction in parking and vehicle usage, thanks to the many bus, rail, and bicycle lines adjacent to the site that connect to all points of the city. Stormwater is routed to rain gardens behind the building, which hold and filter the water before releasing it back into the ground at a controlled rate.


The architect and landscape architect worked seamlessly to create the bermed outdoor community space adjacent to the Capital Metro light rail on the second-floor terrace. The design includes sound buffering and high-quality windows to mitigate noise issues while maximizing daylighting and promoting individual privacy. Additionally, the building’s orientation toward downtown provides sweeping views from both the common spaces and many of the apartments.

萨尔提洛广场区经历了巨大的绅士化压力,使塔拉维拉阁楼成为该地区服务行业雇员和面临区域搬迁风险的长期居民的重要开发项目。该建筑的设计为街景带来了急需的潇洒,并使耐开发社区的经济适用房正常化。Talavera Lofts是一个成功的项目,体现了奥斯汀对经济适用房和可持续城市化的承诺。凭借其优越的地理位置、先进的设计和对社区的承诺,塔拉维拉阁楼是东奥斯汀发展的一个重要里程碑。

The Plaza Saltillo District has undergone significant gentrification pressures, making Talavera Lofts a critical development for the area’s service sector employees and long-time residents at risk of regional displacement. The building’s design brings a much-needed bit of panache to the streetscape and normalizes affordable housing in development-resistant neighborhoods. Talavera Lofts is a successful project that embodies Austin’s commitment to affordable housing and sustainable urbanism. With its prime location, state-of-the-art design, and commitment to community, Talavera Lofts is a significant milestone in East Austin’s development.

Architects: Nelsen Partners
Area: 87842 ft²
Year: 2022
Photographs:Matthew Niemann / Patrick Y Wong
Manufacturers: Sto, Centria, Daltile, Guardian Glass, McNichols, Oldcastle APG, Ply Gem
Lead Architects: Phil Crisara
Civil: Stantec
Landscape: dwg.
Structural: Connect Structural
Interior Design: PDR
General Contractor: Skybeck
Project Designer: Carson Nelsen
Project Manager: Bob Newell
Project Architect: Lindsay Abati, José Aparicio
Tile Design And Brand/Signage: Daniela Valle
City: Austin
Country: United States