Taubenmarkt住宅,奥地利林茨,Hertl Architekten

Taubenmarkt的房屋是由Hertl Architekten设计的位于奥地利林茨的极简主义住宅。Taubenmarkt的房屋位于上奥地利州省会的中心,几分钟之内即可实现各种形式的基础设施。与旧城区的都市气息和活力相比,这座建筑内希望有安静和亲密的氛围。顶层公寓的入口区域分为三层,可以到达五层的库存螺旋楼梯上方。除了已经存在的露台外,位于该楼层中间的新露台还为大厅带来了充足的光线和宁静的氛围。浴室也面向这个小小的绿色庭院。

House at Taubenmarkt is a minimal residence located in Linz, Austria, designed by Hertl Architekten. The House at Taubenmarkt is situated in the heart of the provincial capital of Upper Austria, where infrastructure in every form and to every time is achievable in a few minutes. In contrast to the old town urbanity and vitality, there was the wish for quietness and intimacy within the building. The entrance area of the penthouse, which is split on three floors, can be reached above an inventory spiral staircase on fifth floor. As well as the already existing patio a new one, which is situated in the middle of this floor, brings in a lot of light and a calm atmosphere into the foyer. The bathroom is oriented to this tiny green courtyard too.
Arranged behind there are closet and bedroom in the quiet back part of the house. Caused by the house structure, part of the concept is to minimize the corridor area and to maximize the living space: everything is room, narrow parts change into wider parts. The courtyards also are an easy solution for fire prevention necessities at the borders to the neighborhood. Windows with fire-protective glazing have been placed where views are fascinating or calm, depending on demands. The kitchen is situated behind the parapet of the staircase up to the sixth floor, with a great view through a stretched window opening onto the old town. The south wall of the living room accommodates a deep window sill complemented by a fireplace. Vis à vis the view is opened again to the bigger town-courtyard. At the street side of this floor there is a space where no windows are added and where the grey structured walls have small niches because of the former attic behind. Skylight illuminates the room from above.

Design:Hertl Architekten
Photography:Paul Ott