Tesserete 之家,瑞士,DF_DC

Tesserete House是一座极简主义住宅,位于瑞士,由DF_DC设计。DF_DC是一家建筑和城市设计工作室,致力于空间项目的跨学科实践。建筑师们感兴趣的是,从城市的模式到细节的工艺,尺度是如何相互联系和相互影响的。对人类尺度大气的研究在他们的研究中至关重要。内部主要采用混凝土,与外立面相匹配。室内光线通过放大白天充足的自然光使房间更加明亮。

Tesserete House is a minimalist residence located in Tesserete, Switzerland, designed by DF_DC. DF_DC is an architecture and urban design office concerned with the project of space as an interdisciplinary practice. The architects are interested in how scale – from the patterns of the urban to the craftsmanship of detail – interconnect and inform each other. Investigation of human-scale atmospheres is crucial in their research. The interior mainly utilizes concrete, which matches the exterior facade. The light interior further brightens the room by amplifying the abundant natural illumination during the day.

Design: DF_DC
Photography: Simone Bossi


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