The Light Trap咖啡店,泰国清迈,Sher Maker


“The building’s statement makes with the public area
A simple element of space containing that designed to gather people together
A tiny glow room that can put the light in.”

光陷阱只是一个弹出式的房间,用于支持La Mai酒店的多功能。该建筑落户在酒店的停车场上,位于一条小路上,也是通往Nong -Hoi市场的后方。主要功能是咖啡吧,但也可用于其他用途,如私人鸡尾酒会、婚前工作室、艺术展览和欢迎酒店客人的空间。

The Light Trap is simply a pop-up room for multi-function support for La Mai Hotel. The building settles on the hotel’s parking area on a small road that also leads to the back of Nong –Hoi Market. Main function is a coffee bar yet it can be used for other purposes such as private cocktail parties, pre-wedding studio, art exhibitions and welcoming space for hotel guests.


Economy-wise, the client’s goal was to create a new revenue channel for the property after business disruption due to the spread of Covid-19 early in 2020.


We started to design a simple 50 sq.m. room with the clearest elements, with four sides of clear wall supported with a single roof column in the center and vertical structure panel line. This wall structure makes space defined by the act of covering a parking ground without any floor structure, Hardscape use it as a pop-up floor in this condition.


A skinny boundary was designed as a double curtain curving to collect the atmosphere of the room. With a tiny space only one circle bench will be gather point This circle bench is a sharing furniture for every people in this room. When visitors start walking inside, the sound of the gravels underneath will express the transit of the area from outside to inside, feeling of being enclosed and naturally creates awareness of the sound the room makes. A noise ambiance of people and gravel ground will mix together.


We started the design process with the observation of all daylight from dawn till dark because that is the only free material that we can use from a common daily phenomenon in this area.


Day by day, we found that sunset light from west view will splash into parking area even if it is obstructed by many rows of building. Therefore, from inside, the wall plays as a huge screen for lights and senses until sunset, tiny moments that continue all day collecting light in the light trap.

建筑师: Sher Maker
面积: 50 m²
摄影:Rungkit Charoenwat Rungkit Charoenwat
建筑师:Patcharada Inplang,Thongchai Chansamak
设计经理:Worranitta Sukwattanasombat.
现场经理:Worranitta Sukwattanasombat
设计开发人员:Timpika Wetpanya, Wirunya Pongraveevongsa
承包商:Attipol Bamrungyai公司
Architects: Sher Maker
Area: 50 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Rungkit Charoenwat
Architect In Charge:Patcharada Inplang,Thongchai Chansamak
Design Manager :Worranitta Sukwattanasombat
Site Manager:Worranitta Sukwattanasombat
Design Developer :Timpika Wetpanya, Wirunya Pongraveevongsa
Contractor:Attipol Bamrungyai
City:Chiang Mai