THE LIVELY酒店,日本大阪,The Range Design


Lively Hotel, a new brand operated by Global Agents. Aiming to be a next-generation hotel that is neither a full-service type nor an accommodation-specific type, we will increase the proportion of common areas and make it a hotel that allows you to stay in a way that suits your lifestyle.
The design keywords are “LIGHTNESS” (grace / cheerfulness), “GADGET” (equipment / tools), and “HYGGE” (comfortable time).

拥有丰富多样的公共空间和小巧方便使用的房间,体现了THE LIVELY的理念——“充满自由、惊讶和发现”的世界观。

By opening the Danning Cafe on the first floor and opening it around, creating a lively atmosphere not only for guests, the second floor is a multi-space front and lounge where guests can freely use, and a three-dimensional structure connecting the upper and lower floors with a stairwell I wanted to create a sense of unity. The 14th floor is a bar that can be used by non-hotel guests, and can be enjoyed on the rooftop terrace connected to the rooftop.
The façade is located along the street, which is one block from the main street. The bold color composition and the glass structure of the stairwell connecting the first and second floors enhance visibility and create a lively atmosphere.
Since the front is on the second floor, the approach walls that serve as ice tops and digital art are arranged in the EV hall to enhance the excitement to that extent, and a half mirror and a light grid are placed between the EV hall and the front on the second floor. The scene that crosses the bridge expressed by is composed.
By adopting a shower room, the washroom is integrated with the guest room so that it can be compact and expand when entering. In addition, we made a device that can attach various equipment such as TV, hanger, mirror, mug to a frame called gadget frame, and made an impression of the room.
By having a wide variety of public spaces and compact, easy-to-use rooms, we embody the concept of THE LIVELY, “the world of freedom, surprise and discovery”.

Architecture: Nikki Design
Interior design: the range design inc./ Ryo Takarada
Naoto Yao / To-ripple inc.
Construction: Nakagawa Planning & Construction Co., Ltd.
Location: Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Scale: 14 floors above ground 1 1 basement floor
Completion date: July 2019
Photo by Kenji Masunaga


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