El Refugio,位于厄瓜多尔昆卡的南部农村,是一个与自然相联系的休息空间。该项目位于一个农场内,为一个小型家庭团体提供了一个个人空间。通往该地的道路从一条二阶路开始,从那里产生了一个第一视角,突出了地形和令人印象深刻的特有森林。该项目并不期待挑战景观,而是通过其物质性和体积的建议成为景观的一部分。

El Refugio, located in the Southern countryside of Cuenca, Ecuador, is a rest space in connection with nature. The project, located on a farm, generates a personal space for a reduced family group. The approach to the site starts from a second-order road, from which a first perspective is generated that highlights the topography and the impressive endemic forest. The project doesn’t look forward to challenging the landscape, but rather to be part of it through its materiality and volumetric proposal.


The constructive system, based on the vernacular architecture, besides being a link between the morphological contemporaneity of the project with the majesty of the landscape, proves its appropriateness. The local stone walls, the artisanal bricks on the floors, and the roof made with wooden structure, reed cane, and clay roof tiles give thermal balance to the shelter that mitigates the climatology conditions of the zone. The program, developed in 175m2, is organized into two basic volumes. The first block hosts the social area, including a porch as a transition element between nature and the house. The second element, located in the back zone for privacy reasons, contains the restroom.


The division between volumes generates a third zone that constitutes the heart of the project, the kitchen, and the barbecue. This space brings back the primitive hut concept, where the fire is the center of social activities.

Architects: PEDRO MONCAYO TORRES arquitectura
Area : 175 m²
Year : 2022
Photographs :Nicolás Provoste C.
Lead Architects : Pedro Moncayo Torres, Tatiana Pérez
Design Team : Pedro Moncayo Torres, Doménica Bustamante, Omar Moncayo
Interior Design : PMT arquitectura
City : Tarqui
Country : Ecuador