The Stable House住宅,丹麦哥本哈根,Frama

马厩住宅是丹麦哥本哈根的一个极简主义住宅,由Frama设计。马厩是哥本哈根少数保存完好的别墅之一。建筑最初是马的马厩,水的湖泊,和受保护的外观由Georg Møller成立于1878年。Frama工作室完成了住宅项目,包括旋转黄铜百叶窗、水磨石地板和用实心道格拉斯冷杉包裹的定制床等一系列时尚细节。其结果是一个轻,温暖但极简主义的感觉,其中定制的家具和室内的每一个细节都经过深思熟虑。

The Stable House is a minimalist home located in Copenhagen, Denmark, designed by Frama. The Stable House is one of a few preserved villas in Copenhagen. The building originally functioned as stables for the horses that carried water from the lakes, and the protected facade was created in 1878 by Georg Møller. Frama Studio has completed the residential project, where a series of stylish details included pivoting brass shutters, a terrazzo floor and a custom-made bed wrapped in solid Douglas fir. The result is a light, warm yet minimalistic feel where every detail of the custom-made furnishings and interior has been thought through.

Design: Frama
Photography: Erik Lefvander