thisisneverthat办公楼,韩国,FHHH FRIENDS


This is a renovation project that changes a pre-existing residential structure into an office building for one of South Korea’s leading fashion brand, thisisneverthat. About 40% of all the walls has been stripped and rearranged to suit the needs of the new structure.


Multiple layers of walls with differing materials and hierarchy has been structured as layers of skin that wraps a pre-existing core. By going through the act of peeling the skin, one layer at a time, a gradient of light and brightness is constructed. A gradient that plays both with the movement of light and the movement of body.


There is a sense of verticality that is constructed through the gap between the outer curtain wall and the inner core. This gap highlights the verticality by bringing in light, air, and rain, which adds another dimension to the structure. The translucency of the outer curtain wall enables itself to express the verticality that is hidden behind.


Each layer of skin embodies a different kind of materiality that expresses both a different kind of texture and a different kind of personality. The outer most layer expresses a flatness that retains depth through the layers inside that have a sense of raw and unfinished core.

Architects: FHHH FRIENDS
Area: 157 m²
Year: 2019
Photographs: Shin Kyung Sub
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Byucksan, FILOBE, Hanil, Samnam Window, Trimble Navigation
Landscape: Atree Landscape
Architect In Charge:Han Yang Kyu, Han Seung Jae, Yoon Han Jin, Kim Hak Seong, Hong Hyeon Seok “Jerry”
Design Team:FHHH FRIENDS, FHHHFriends, Han Yang Kyu, Han Seung Jae, Yoon Han Jin, Kim Hak Seong, Hong Hyeon Seok “Jerry”
Engineering:LEEGAK Construction Company
Collaborators:STUDIO COM
Country:South Korea


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