Three + One系列家具,德国柏林,Lukas Wegwerth

Three + One是由柏林设计师Lukas Wegwerth设计的极简主义家具系列。Three + One是一个将模块化和结构主义设计原则应用于4.0生产方法的系统,以便为社交空间建造家具和建筑规模结构。凭借最小的接头,可扩展的插入式连接器,THREE + ONE具有可转换性和简单的构造方法作为其核心价值。它提供了一个协作建筑平台,可以在多种环境中使用,如展览设计,学术研究,公共空间和私人室内空间。

Three + One is a minimalist furniture series created by Berlin-based designer Lukas Wegwerth. Three + One is a system which applies modular and structuralist design principles to 4.0 production methods in order to build furniture and architectural-scale structures for social spaces. With a minimal joint, a scalable, plug-in connector, THREE+ONE holds convertibility and a straightforward construction approach as its core values. It provides a platform for collaborative building, lending itself to use in multiple contexts such as exhibition design, academic research, public spaces and private interior.

Design: Lukas Wegwerth