Three Piece House住宅,澳大利亚纽卡斯尔,Trias

Three Piece House是澳大利亚纽卡斯尔的一个极简主义住宅,由Trias设计。Three Piece House是四合院,专为追求简约生活的夫妇设计。该项目在其场地上设置了一个朴素的单层住宅和一个工作室。这些建筑沿着场地的边界倾斜,并聚集在这个暴露的角落地块上创造隐私。该项目提出了一个新的社区条件,小而密集,在一个传统的郊区基地上有两个离散的住宅。在一个不以其建筑价值而闻名的郊区,这个项目将生命注入到好的设计的可能性中。这是一栋朴素的单层建筑,为邻居们着想,就像一篇如何利用现有资源的文章。无论它是一个紧角块,小预算,或规划规则,Trias绕过系统的工作。对形式和细节都有细致的注意。Trias提供了对场地问题的回应,并创造了微妙而有意义的庭院层次的变化,展示了建筑技巧,但更大的希望。虽然让人想起被遗忘的澳大利亚郊区,但该项目对街道是开放和友好的,它为未来提供了一些东西:战略解决方案可以提供有价值的回应,并朝着“更少但更好”的方向努力。Three Piece House提醒人们,建筑的成功并不依赖于大笔预算或背景吸引力。

Three Piece House is a minimalist residence located in Newcastle, Australia, designed by Trias. Three Piece House is a courtyard house, designed for a couple looking to downsize and live more simply. The project places a modest, single-storey house and a studio on its site. These buildings are skewed to follow the site’s boundaries, and cluster to create privacy on this exposed corner lot. The project proposes a new neighborhood condition that is small and dense, with two discrete dwellings on a conventional suburban site. In a suburban area not known for its architectural merit, this project breathes life into good design’s possibilities. It is a modest, single-story building, considerate of its neighbors, that operates as an essay in how to work with what you’ve got. Whether it is a tight corner block, small budget, or planning regulations, Trias circumnavigate the systems by working them. There is a careful attention to form and detail. Trias provide a response to site issues and create courtyard level changes that are both subtle and meaningful, demonstrating architectural skill but even greater promise. While reminiscent of a forgotten Australian suburbia, the project is open and friendly to the street, it offers something for the future: strategic solutions can provide valuable responses and work towards ‘less but better’. Three Piece House is a reminder that architecture is not dependent on large budgets or contextual appeal to be successful.

Design: Trias
Photography: ©Benjamin Hosking


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