Tien Cam的房子坐落在一个宁静的农村地区的山坡上,周围群山环绕,可以看到果园、流动的小溪和肥沃的田地。土地上有一个四层的老房子,儿子想把它拆掉,为父母建造一个新房子作为礼物,同时也是为在远方工作的家人在特殊场合回来休息的地方。

Tien Cam’s house is situated on a slopes hill in a peaceful rural area, surrounded by mountains, overlooking orchards, flowing streams, and fertile fields. On the land is an old four-level which the son wants to demolish to construct a new house for his parents as a present and it’s also a place for family members who work far away to return to rest on special occasions.


After the design team takes advantage of the land, surrounding landscapes, sight, and wind direction, we offer the project of changing the main direction of the house. At the same time, functional spaces have been arranged sensibly for use.

Tien Cam的房子是一个具有不同高度屋顶的建筑区块的组合,由一个共享的走廊连接,但仍然确保每个隔间的隐私。两个较低的区块是三个卧室的空间,而最高的区块包括客厅、厨房和用餐区。两个侧块被描绘成车库和浴室。

Tien Cam house is a combination of building blocks with different heights of roofs, connected by a shared corridor but still ensuring the privacy of each compartment. While the two lower blocks are spaces for three bedrooms, the highest block includes the living room, kitchen, and dining area. Two side blocks are depicted as a garage and bathroom.


Main spaces approach directly to outdoor spaces through doorways and large-scale windows, which bring the invigorated green landscape and receive the natural light, along with the scenery looking out the green paddy field and lush forest. People in the house can contemplate the view and the beauty of nature. Furthermore, the space creates a sense of rest for the human mind with the sight of foggy mountains on cold days or the ripe golden grain when the harvest season comes.

Architects: BOW.atelier, K.A.N Studio
Area: 170 m²
Year: 2022
Photographs:Quang Dam
Manufacturers: INAX, Philips
Lead Architects: Võ Đình Huỳnh, Kiều Nhân, Nguyễn Đức Tài
City: Tiên Cẩm
Country: Vietnam