Tiny Holiday度假屋,荷兰乌得勒支,Chris Collaris&i29 Architects

荷兰建筑工作室Chris Collaris与室内设计公司i29 Architects合作创建了一个现代化的“ Tiny Holiday Home ”,用黑色松木覆盖,位于由建筑师描述为“拉长岛”的土地上。
酒店位于迷人的乌得勒支省的Vinkeveen镇,就在阿姆斯特丹南部。Vinkeveen以其风景如画的湖泊和沙岛而闻名,这些岛屿用于游泳,潜水和游艇。其中一个沙岛是’Tiny Holiday Home’的所在地。这款紧凑型酒店由内而外设计,巧妙地利用了55平方米的空间。中央庭院环绕着四个不同大小的相互连接的结构。“每个矩形体积都有不同的功能”,建筑师解释说,“然而,由于内部不同体积的开放耦合,创造了一个宽敞多样的生活区域,其中所有功能相互融合”。紧凑的房子是智能和舒适设计的一个例子。建筑师说:“小而美”。在内部,天然橡木木板与抛光混凝土地板和简约的家具相结合,给室内“强烈的印象”。节能环保的住宅“仍然拥有奢华的空间感以及周围的自然风光全景。”

D utch architecture studio Chris Collaris collaborated with interior design firm i29 Architects to create a modern ‘Tiny Holiday Home’ clad in black-stained pinewood, situated on a plot of land described by the architects as an “elongated island”.
The property is located in Vinkeveen, a town in the charming province of Utrecht, just south of Amsterdam. Vinkeveen is known for its picturesque lakes and sand islands that are used for swimming, diving and yachting. One of these sand islands is where ‘Tiny Holiday Home’ is positioned. Designed from the inside-out, the compact property makes smart use of its 55-square-meter footprint. Four interconnected structures of differing sizes surround a central patio. “Each rectangular volume has a different function”, explain the architects, “however due to the open coupling of the different volumes on the inside, a spacious and diverse living area is created in which all functions merge into one another”. The compact house is an example of a smart and comfortable design. “Small is beautiful”, the architects remark. Inside, natural oak wood panels combined with polished concrete floors and minimal furnishings, give the interior “a strong impression”. The energy efficient and eco-friendly home “still has a luxurious feel of space, and all around panoramas to the surrounding nature.”

Design:Chris Collaris & i29 Architects
Project:Tiny Holiday Home
Photograhy:Ewout Huibers


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