Togo 之家,日本, Tomoaki Uno Architects

该计划是一个预算紧张的房子。我认为日本的传统方法 “ITAKURA “在严峻的条件下是最好的。”ITAKURA “是一种具有美观、隔热和防火性能的建筑方法。

The plan was a tight budget house.I thought that the Japanese traditional method “ITAKURA” was the best under severe conditions.”ITAKURA” is a construction method with beauty, heat insulation and fire prevention performance.


The size of a building is inevitably determined by securing one parking space on a limited site.Budget and site conditions made it very difficult to secure space for three families.I decided to create a loft by making the roof steep, and make it a children’s room.Windows were minimized to secure things and the location of the family.

Architects: Tomoaki Uno Architects
Area : 52 m²
Year : 2015
Photographs :Tomoaki Uno
Manufacturers : Acor
Architect In Charge : Tomoaki Uno Architects
Design Team : Tomoaki Uno Architects
City : Nagoya
Country : Japan