TOKI+LIM 美容沙龙,新加坡,kfuna

和平共处。这家美容院位于新加坡的著名酒店莱佛士酒店。TOKI(日月)+LIM这个名字中的字符是太阳和 “月亮”。在日语中,toki意味着时间。客户是KANTARO SUZUKI和LESS IS MORE(LIMhair)的Tan Eng Chong。他们希望的秩序是 “让美容师和顾客在一对一的空间里度过一段轻松的时光”,”有一个高质量的氛围,不损害莱佛士酒店的氛围”。

Peaceful coexistence. This beauty salon is located at Singapore’s famous hotel, Raffles Hotel. The characters in the name TOKI (日月) + LIM are sun and “moon.” In Japanese, toki means time. The clients were KANTARO SUZUKI and Tan Eng Chong of LESS IS MORE (LIMhair). Their desired order was “to allow the beautician and the customer to spend a relaxing time in a one-on-one space” and “to have a high-quality atmosphere that does not impair the atmosphere of the Raffles Hotel.”

我想从哲学上表达 “质量”。我想,真正的质量不是单单是固有的华丽或视觉上的美丽,而是富含人类思想的东西。作为一个具体的设计,我决定创造一个半私人的房间空间。第一个原因是要达到一个亲密的、一对一的空间。另一个原因是,我想把这个建筑与更大的东西进行比较。在设计这家店时,我一直想与新加坡的社会背景联系起来。与日本相比,它在整体社会层面上是相当不同的。

I wanted to express “quality” philosophically. I thought that true quality was not something inherently gorgeous or visually beautiful alone, but something rich in the human mind. As a concrete design, I decided to create a semi-private room space. The first reason was to get to an intimate, one-to-one space. The other reason was that I wanted to compare this architecture to something greater. In designing this store, I always wanted to link to Singapore’s social background. Compared to Japan, it is quite different on an overall societal level.


Singapore is a prosperous trading country with a unique social background and wonderful culture that embraces multiple races. In Japan, we tend to have a far more homogeneous or uniform image around ourselves. As I walked around the city, I could see that cultures and religions of all races were mixed and coexisted. There seemed to be a respect for and acceptance of other cultures rather than exclusion.

作为一个日本人,我对此印象深刻,觉得这代表着 “丰富”,是 “质量 “的象征。TOKI + LIM中没有完全的私人房间,有些是开放的,因为我想表达一种混合的感觉。每个塔楼都不是孤立的,在保持合理距离的情况下共存。高度不同,但材料都是由相同的混凝土制成。虽然它与周围的环境略有不同,但它表达了内容的价值都是平等的,所有的东西都是珍贵的,应该得到尊重。

As a Japanese, I was impressed by this and felt that it represented “richness” and a symbol of “quality.” There are no completely private rooms in TOKI + LIM, and some are open because I wanted to express a feeling of mixing. Each tower is not isolated and coexists while maintaining a reasonable distance. The heights are different, but the materials are all made of the same concrete. Although it differs slightly from the surroundings, it is an expression that the values of the contents are all equal and that everything is a precious thing that should be respected.

与其把新加坡的文化混合解释为仅仅是历史背景,不如说所传达的信息是共存就是和平。通过将这一点融入到TOKI + LIM的设计中,它被设置为一个历史悠久的酒店中的商店,这不仅仅是一个美容院的设计,也是一个和平的象征。

Rather than interpreting the mixture of cultures in Singapore as mere historical background, the message is Coexistence is peaceful. By incorporating this into the design of TOKI + LIM, which was set up as a store in a historic hotel, it was not just a design of a beauty salon, but also a symbol of peace.

Architects: kfuna
Area: 72 m²
Year: 2019
Photographs: CHOO
Manufacturers: TAKARA BELMONT
Lead Architects: Fumitaka Kawanishi
Construction: kfuna company limited
Client:LESS IS MORE LIM hair, Kantaro Suzuki


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