Tongs货架,德国,Anja Bachmann

Tongs是德国设计师Anja Bachmann创建的简约货架系统。Tongs是一个极简的架子系统,不需要工具和螺丝。它遵循一个基本的设计原则:木材的弹性。夹具与凹槽相连以形成简单而智能的连接,从而提供可靠的固定并允许以各种方式设置搁板。可移动架子的不同长度允许机架也容纳更大的物体。另外,这些夹具使灵活地重新布置,打开和关闭搁板系统成为可能。

Tongs is a minimalist shelving system created by Germany-based designer Anja Bachmann. Tongs is a simple shelving system that requires neither tools nor screws. It follows a basic design principle: the elasticity of wood. A clamp is joined with a groove to form a simple and smart connection, offering reliable hold and allowing for the shelves to be set up in various ways. The different lengths of the removable shelves allow the rack to hold larger objects as well. In addition, the clamps make it possible to flexibly rearrange, open and close the shelving system.

Design:Anja Bachmann
Photography: Eric Fritsch, Marvin Hillebrand